World Boxing Tournament 2

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If you’re a fan of the boxing games, then you should use the awesome game World Boxing Tournament 2. In this game you have the chance to fight against good boxers. Select game mode player vs. player or player vs. from PC to start the game. Choose further from the difficulty and your character. Then press the spacebar to start. The game World Boxing Tournament 2 is controlled using only the keyboard.
Player 1:
The keys A, S, D, W = Move
The keys B, N, M = Attack
The Spacebar = Defend.

Player 2:
The Arrows = Move
The keys 1, 2, 3 = Attack
The key 0 = Defend.
Game Tips to World Boxing Tournament 2

Take care of your life. If you run out of life points, you lose the game World Boxing Tournament 2 Then you should start again to conquer this game.