WACK Wrestling Challenge

640 Plays

The game can be played in single or double player mode. Improve your rank by using your skills to beat the opponents in some intense fights. The featured characters can also be customized as per your need.
GameĀ  WACK Wrestling Challenge ,is an interactive game, in which you can play in two modes. You can choose to play with your computer or you can choose to play with a friend online. Free nutty personage and start fighting. The fight will be very hard, you need to have knowledge of wrestling, in order to defeat the opponent. Move, using the arrow keys, the keyboard.

Instructions WACK Wrestling Challenge Game:
Player 1:
Arrow Keys – Move.
I – Punch.
O – Kick.
P – Super Move.

Player 2:
W, A, S, D – Move.
1 – Punch.
2 – Kick.
3 – Super Move.